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Iphone.  The new iOS wants to protect privacy with a simple question - the observer

Iphone. The new iOS wants to protect privacy with a simple question – the observer

“do you accept that [nome da app] Track your activity in other apps from other companies and websites? ” [em inglês, “Allow ‘app’ to track your activity across other copanies’ apps and websites?”]. With this simple question, the latest version of the iPhone OS can change the way companies store their data. To this question challenged by Facebook, the user will only answer if it allows the app to collect data or ‘Ask the app not to do any tracking’. what happened after that? Your data is more private than expected.

The question, in English, is that iOS will be shown to users regarding apps that collect personal data

As the company explains in Release, The new iOS 14.5, like other software updates, brings other news. Whether it’s different skin tones for the emoji or different voices for Siri, it’s not just privacy that has changed. However, this is the main change. As Apple states in the Video Show the new mechanism, this is an “option that gives users a choice”.

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According to the US company headquartered in Cupertino, California, the apps can collect data such as date of birth or find out where users are. This is the case, when “one goes by a store, can offer discounts,” Apple explains. However, the company is already clarifying the known issue: “There are apps that collect more than you need and share it with advertisers and collectors of personal data.”. “They are gathering thousands of information about you and Create a digital profile that they sell to third partiesThe company explains.

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Apple further clarifies that “application tracking transparency” [App Tracking Transparency, nome dado à ferramenta] Applications require user permission before tracking their data in apps. ”However, if the user does not mind giving the information, he can always” change settings “at another time. That is, the control gets a little more than whoever uses the iPhone.

This may all seem insignificant. However, it is causing a stir, especially on the part of Facebook, led by Mark Zuckerberg. Newspapers also explain how the edgeThis new mechanism is a “game changer.” If the user allows the data to be used, nothing will change. Now, if you don’t allow it, apps will no longer be able to use the data they have collected, and that will incur costs and may even block the app from iOS.

Facebook claims that “app tracking transparency” will hurt small businesses. The argument for the social network is that due to its inability to collect and cross data with other applications, it is no longer able to provide an effective service to small businesses that use their platforms to advertise. That is, since most companies already use Facebook, the company ends up not losing profits. However, small businesses that want to take advantage of these mechanisms, such as localization, no longer have such effective ads, Facebook says.

Obviously, as with everything, Facebook’s claims have supporters and people who oppose it and claim that Zuckerberg only wants to protect his company, which relies on the data it collects to make a profit. As I mentioned New York timesThe issue is the separation between Zuckerberg and Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Will the new iOS tool work? This isn’t known yet, but if you have an iPhone, you’ll start seeing this question.

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