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Instagram changes its algorithm after being accused of censorship in Palestine

Instagram has come under heavy criticism in recent days, especially as it appears, for some users, to censor content related to issues occurring in Palestine.

Because of the verified problems, the social network I showed It is now tweaking its algorithms slightly, in order to look at shared content in stories the same way as content shared in the platform’s main timeline.

The controversy is the fact that some Palestinian support groups claim that the social network has been drastically limiting the messages shared on the platform related to the country and clashes in which you live – leading some to call the measure state censorship. social network.

However, the social network has now left more details about the status and what will happen to content in this format to be less clear within the platform. According to Instagram, stories have always been created with the goal of focusing on users’ close friends, and as such the algorithm focuses on highlighting them when there are posts that might interest close friends.

In contrast, the master timeline focuses on a more general format, and as such, the contents in it take on more significance than the stories. This can cause users to have content appearing more frequently in the main timeline about certain content than in the stories themselves, which will be more focused on direct personal interaction.

With that in mind, Instagram has now revealed that it will tweak its algorithms to categorize shared content in stories and main timeline (user profiles) in the same way, while also taking into account other company ratings – like number of posts, likes, comments, among other things.

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