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"I think I still don't get the recognition that I deserve."

“I think I still don’t get the recognition that I deserve.”

RUi Maria Pêgo was the last guest on “Reset,” the podcast by Mariana Cabral – also known in the internet world as Bumba na Fofinha – and it didn’t stop her from saying that, at 32 years old, she still didn’t feel like a return from her effort and talent in your career .

“I think I still don’t get the recognition that I deserve in the sense that there is a lot I could have done and I haven’t done. Portugal is taking time, and we are biased,” he said.

On the one hand, the broadcaster, who currently runs the radio program “Era O Que Faltava” from Rádio Comercial, praised the project at hand and confirmed that he was aware of its “privilege”.

“I have a tremendous position of excellence, I listened more to the talk radio programs in the country. I am very grateful for my work and for the people who wanted to choose me.”

See the full conversation below.

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