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"I only discovered where I was after 17 years."

“I only discovered where I was after 17 years.”

TheEonor Poeiras has once again shed shrapnel of TVI, in regards to the way she was handled as a laborer by the company she appeared in for 17 years.

The broadcaster complained again about the conditions of the channel when commenting on a publication by actress Sarah Barros Letaw about the rights of workers in the audio-visual world.

“I have spoken to hundreds of professionals, from the most diverse fields, over the past year. I realized that the vast majority of people have no idea about their labor rights, and do not know what social protection means. Independence, green receipts, employment contracts, service contracts, employees, etc. Further, it can be read in the actress’s long text, on which Leonor clarified the point of comment.

It is very important to clarify this! I just found out where you were in the last year and after 17 years in business …“, Filmed the TV presenter.

Leonor Poyras is currently filing a lawsuit against TVI, claiming that he was fired from the channel after refusing to continue hosting “Somos Portugal” for health reasons.

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