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"I didn't say it at the time because of you."

“I didn’t say it at the time because of you.”

Catarina Furtado recently gave an interview to Expresso, where she revealed that she was harassed three times by people of higher hierarchical positions. When reading the critiques of netizens on the newspaper’s social networks, Nuno Markle started from the example of an RTP presenter to tackle the topic.

“As soon as Expresso published this post, in the morning, I immediately anticipated an avalanche of waterfall that came in the comments. And so it was, with the question“ Why are you complaining just now, at the time when you must have succeeded ”to vomit again and again, He started writing on his official Instagram account.

“ Energumenum after the energumenum, people who do not understand the interpretation that must be repeated urgently until they reach solid heads like a stone: I did not say at that time because fear, status of fragility, fear of ready judgment and blame – which appears now, after all these years, And it will appear at that time, in a more destructive way – make this mountain very difficult to climb, for women. ”, Stampede.

“The time it takes to assimilate, process, and the work of maturity – no one on the outside has to point to anything, this is a timing process intended only for those going through this process.” Why didn’t I say it at the time? There are a lot of people who think “Why didn’t I say that at the time” is a valid question. I didn’t say its time because of you, people who say, “Why didn’t I say it at that time.” Or other people like you.He added that he immediately threatened to block anyone attempting to comment ‘Analogous deviations’ In office.

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