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"Hell's Kitchen."  Ljubomir decides not to throw out any competitors.  Find out why - television

“Hell’s Kitchen.” Ljubomir decides not to throw out any competitors. Find out why – television

Candida, Helder, and Diogo were rivals to “Hell’s Kitchen” to face the elimination. But none of them were expelled, after Lyubomir stated that Joao should take off his coat and go home. However, the SIC program face cannot expel the participant, who has acquired immunity.

“The person I want to send cannot,” said the chef, referring to the immunity that Joao won in a test in which Rafaela attributed the advantage to his colleague. Le Maire also paid tribute to the three service-hired participants that they provided throughout the broadcast.

During the last service, the red team fell into disagreement over Joao’s leadership, so that the four aspiring chefs left the kitchen to try to find a solution, until Lyubomir had to intervene and order everyone to return to their posts for the service to continue.

At the moment, the blue team still consists of Rafaela, Root, Diogo, Francesca and the red team from Helder, Candida, Lucas and Joao.

Anna Cristina, Daniela, Jennifer, Ricardo, Raul, Anna Sophia, Antonio Pedro and Raphael are the competitors who were excluded from “Hell’s Kitchen”, with the exception of Daniela, who had to withdraw from the competition due to health problems.

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