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Heidi Klum reveals pregnancy

Heidi Klum reveals pregnancy

This is the fourth Tuesday Heidi Klum Made an unexpected confession. This is because when celebrating the daughter’s 17th birthday on social media, LennyThe German model revealed that she was pregnant with the little girl now when she appeared on the Victoria’s Secret Show in 2003.

To illustrate the special moment, Heidi Klum is sharing a video of this show, in which she appears wearing red bodysuits and studded with diamonds. I was not alone in this show. If you look closely, I can see you jump in after four months. “He wrote, poignantly upon announcing which pregnancy time he was at the time. See the video below.

To complete the posting, the form also wrote: “I loved you before you were born and I will love you after I close my eyes forever.”

Remember, Lenny is the result of an affair between Heidi Klum and the Italian businessman Flavio Priutor. The two separated during pregnancy. After that, the model got married Seal, With the British singer who legally adopts Lenny. Heidi and Ciel had three children together: Henry, Currently 15 years old Johan, 14, H. If, 11. The two separated in 2012 and Heidi is married to Tom Collitz Since 2018.

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