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Health professionals may be employed by the city to speed up vaccination in Fortaleza, Chamber agrees |  car

Health professionals may be employed by the city to speed up vaccination in Fortaleza, Chamber agrees | car

This Wednesday (9) Fortaleza City Council approved a bill authorizing the city to hire health professionals to work on the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the capital Ceará. This matter was addressed as a matter of urgency and was voted on in an extraordinary session.

  • Brazil will receive the Janssen vaccine with an expiration date until June 27
  • Ceará receives more than 151,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine

While justifying the project, the municipality’s executive director highlighted the importance of the proposal to ensure faster vaccination. “At this moment, where the other battlefront is so important, ie vaccination, you also need to rely on these professionals, allowing for more focused and rapid work to increase the numbers of those vaccinated,” he noted.

As of Tuesday (8), more than 1 million vaccines have been applied in Fortaleza, of which 703,000 are from the first dose and more than 330,000 are from the second dose of an immunizing agent, according to the city council.

Expectations are for the arrival of the first batch of vaccines against Covid-19 from Janssen to Ceará next week. Photo: Johnson & Johnson from AP

a Janssen vaccine against Covid-19 will be distributed to all municipalities in CearáAccording to Sayonara Cidade, vice chair of the state’s Bilateral Committee of Directors (CIB). In an interview with st 1 This Wednesday (9), I explained the use of an immunizing agent that comes to boost vaccination in the state.

The municipality will make a joint vaccination effort to implement the immunizing agent soon, as the batch will approach the expiration date, on June 27. The Vice President of CIB also informed that the immunizing agent, which requires only one dose to be applied, will be used to vaccinate the general population, without a specific audience.

Sayonara explained that the decision to send the doses to all municipalities in Ceará was made under the guidance of the CIB, based on On condition of consultation – A document made in an unusual way that sets out a consensus-based decision, in the case of CIB, between the Presidency and Vice-President, Dr. Capito (Minister of Health of Ceará) and Sayonara Cidade, respectively.

“We did not do an exceptional job. We agreed between all parties – Kosims and the state – that all municipalities would receive. With that, we just conducted a referendum on the condition of consultation, just a decision that allows it,” Sayonara says.

According to her, Janssen’s vaccines will arrive next week, but the exact date has not been confirmed, nor the quantity that will come to Ceará. “We’ve already agreed to speak to all of the trustees so we can work together to use all the potions right away. It’s a single dose, very easy to apply, and doesn’t have many complications.

The new batch of Astrazeneca arrives in Ceará

Ciara receives a batch of 151,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine – Photo: State Government/Disclosure

On Wednesday (9), the state of Ceará received 151,000 doses of vaccines against COVID-19. The information was released on Wednesday by Governor Camilo Santana (PT) in a post on social networks. The new batch of immunomodulators from AstraZeneca.

This is the state’s second payment this week. Tuesday evening (8) a new batch of vaccines arrived from Pfizer / BioN Tech. The number of doses reached 97,110, making this the largest shipment of vaccines received by Pfizer in the state to date.

The plane carrying the immune system landed at Fortaleza airport around 9:40 p.m.

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Vaccination of the elderly in Fortaleza Ceará. Photo: Fabian de Paula/SVM

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