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Health Minister says hospitalization peak for the third wave of Covid-19 in São Paulo should occur on June 17 |  Sao Paulo

Health Minister says hospitalization peak for the third wave of Covid-19 in São Paulo should occur on June 17 | Sao Paulo

Municipal Health Minister Edson Aparecido said Saturday (29) that the peak hospitalization in the third wave of Covid-19 in the capital, São Paulo, should occur on June 17th.

“On Friday (28) we updated the numbers with the latest information on the moving average for the last 14 days, and the peak hospitalization will be on June 17, similar to the peak of hospitalizations for the second wave,” Aparecido said. SP1.

This Saturday (29) six hospitals in the city have already made vacancies out and 10 others have exceeded 80% occupancy. The hospital in Brazil, in the northern region, which is a reference for patients in Covid-19, is 95% busy.

In preparation for the hospital’s peak, the minister said the city should open 250 more beds in the next 20 days.

“We are already providing over the next 20 days to open 250 beds and plants for the other ICU that we are installing in hospitals. There will be 80 ICU beds at Uninove, in addition to the purchase of intubation kits already provided by the Secretariat for imports, in addition to hiring health workers. Really, we are witnessing a comeback and preparing for this situation, which the municipality has already warned about. “

According to the secretary, Peak date moved forward. The portfolio’s planning areas predicted the third wave of hospitalizations on June 23rd.

However, the numbers remained at a very high level, similar to the pandemic’s most critical moment in 2020. In the last three weeks of May, new treatment cases grew again, and on Friday (28), SMA was 738 in the city.

For epidemiologist Pedro Hallal, the third wave was initially expected in July, but it has been evident in the past few weeks that it will arrive ahead of schedule.

Occupancy rates in many states are over 90% again, and what we’re most concerned with is this starting point. When we started in the first wave from zero, in the second wave we started with a thousand deaths per day, and unfortunately in this third wave we started from two thousand deaths per day. So, unfortunately, the numbers tend to be very large, ”he says.

The minister said the new coronavirus variant coming from India still has no cases in Sao Paulo. This variant, called B.1.617, was identified on a 32-year-old passenger who disembarked at Guarulhos International Airport on May 22.

So far, all samples have been sent to the three institutes [Adolfo Lutz, Butantan e Instituto de Medicina Tropical da USP] None of them found an Indian alternative.

According to Aparecido, Hospital Guaianases will be the reference unit for the treatment of the Indian variant of the disease.

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Staff at the local Ignácio Proença de Gouvêa Hospital, known as Hospital da Mooca, sent photos of the regeneration process currently underway at the unit. They believed that the hospital would become a reference for the treatment of Indian ancestry. Aparecido has not confirmed the information.

Photos sent to SP1 It turns out that the renovation of the Ignácio Proença de Gouvêa Municipal Hospital has already begun and that the cafeteria is the place chosen to retrofit and receive new beds.

report SP1 Talk to a concerned employee. He prefers not to define himself.

“Today I will be most concerned about the lack of humanity on the part of the Municipal Health Secretariat and the Director with the humanization of the staff. If you do not have a well-assisted and well-directed team of specialists, you will face problems in caring for patients. This is our concern,” he said. Says.

The official says there is still no protocol to serve patients with the new variant.

“We were told the day before yesterday about this new alternative. Yesterday the hospital director reinforced that with his manager. But so, be prepared, let’s say, if the dress is the same, Apron, Faceshield, N95, that suspicion still remains,” he says.

“We are not heroes, we are health professionals. Understood? We get sick, we have our frustrations, our problems. Treating nursing like a heroes is a huge mistake. We are professionals. We don’t want applause,” says the official.

Indian Alternative in Brazil: Find out the location of the confirmed cases

Indian Alternative in Brazil: Find out the location of the confirmed cases

The Minister of Health said that the staff received training.

The minister says the city will be ready to fight the new alternative and the third wave of Covid-19.

“We will do as we did with the other variables. Prepare the health system to be able to cope with reality. The epidemic has not passed, the variables are real. In the end they come from indigenous patients.” [transmissão local] Or imported. But the most important thing is that the health professionals in São Paulo are highly trained, trained for a year and six months, and they do a huge amount of work regarding all the variables that have gone through here. We are, in fact, anticipating a problem that will definitely arise, which will ultimately be society’s transition to this alternative, “says Aparecido.

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