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Greenspeace “sinks” Boris Johnson in plastic to prove recycling cynicism in the UK

Plastic pollution is one of the hottest topics in the environment (may even be behind hot warming). Recycling is one of the EU’s biggest challenges and one of the most developed countries, with a way to solve thousands of tons of discarded waste.

However, betting on the circular economy is fraught with scams and frauds – many states pay poor countries to take care of their garbage, with the assurance that it should be recycled, but most plastic lands or ends up at sea.

This week, Greenpeace released an investigation into the origins of tons of plastic scattered across lands, waterways and even the roadsides of Turkey in the United Kingdom, which receives 38% of British plastic waste.

To criticize this policy of paying for the disposal of plastics (by entering into accounts as exported garbage being recycled), the organization made a film that tries to show the amount of plastic that the country sends to other countries, and then closes its eyes on the real target of the waste: Boris Johnson’s caricature speaks to reporters outside Downing Street Appears, it starts to rain plastic. In a matter of seconds, the entire area is submerged in 1,800 tons of plastic, shipped daily. The film was produced by the animation company Park Village Studios.

Greenpeace claims that the UK is the second largest plastic producer in the world, next to the United States. However, according to data from our World Wide Statistics website, Portugal had the highest consumption: 0.27 kg of plastic waste per person per day, as opposed to 0.21 in the UK.

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