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Green list.  Costa warns that this could not be the coldest of the numbers that explain the UK's end

Green list. Costa warns that this could not be the coldest of the numbers that explain the UK’s end

According to the Prime Minister, the process of allowing the United Kingdom to join the European Union in digital certification may “solve many problems” and allow for “stability”, which is a necessary one.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa said today that he had “done what he had to do” and that the United Kingdom would back down from its decision to remove Portugal from the “green list” of the British government’s international tour.

“All we have to do is provide all the information and all the data so that the UK can determine,” he said, adding that the Portuguese government maintains “conversation channels” with the British government, in order to explain that the action was not justified.

B.S. On July 10 and 11, Antonio Costa spoke to reporters in Funchal about the political orientation resolution that would be taken to Congress, entitled `Recovering Portugal and Guaranteing the Future ‘.

“The government has done what it has to do,” he added: “This is to provide information, to maintain channels of dialogue with the British government, and in our view, in order to explain it, to inflict severe damage to the British from the very beginning. The damage cannot be justified. “

The Prime Minister, however, acknowledged that the British rulers were “less sensitive” to the damage they would do to the Portuguese economy, but said he hoped they would be aware of “serious damage to the freedom of movement of fellow citizens”.

“We can’t have these changes once every three weeks, which is not good for those planning their holidays or for those who need to organize the tourism sector to stay in conditions,” he warned.

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At the national and regional levels, Antonio Costa stressed that his government sought to explain to the United Kingdom the “inadequacy” of the measure, given the epidemic in the country, but also underscored that it was a “sovereign nation”. Makes “decisions you understand”.

“We have been providing regionally broken information, and the United Kingdom has not ignored this situation. In particular, in Madeira, we have not ignored the fact that the epidemic situation is obviously better than it is in the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister felt that the epidemic situation in the region of Lisbon and the Valdo Tejo would not have an impact on the end of the United Kingdom, although he felt that the authorities were “worthy of all concern”.

“The Lisbon and Docs Valley area is a situation that deserves our concern, and we are following it with due diligence, which is why a special test campaign was launched two weeks ago,” he said.

On Thursday, the British Ministry of Transport announced that Portugal, including the Madras and Azores archipelagos, would leave the British government on the “green list” of international travel at 04:00 on Tuesday.

According to the ministry, Portugal is on the “yellow list” to “protect public health against the variants of concern” and to protect the British vaccination program.

According to a report, the British government has identified 68 different B1.617.2 cases in Portugal, according to the European database GISAID, which was first identified in India, the World Health Organization named the delta variant, “an additional malignant mutation”.

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The archipelago, with a population of about 260,000, records 127 active cases of Kovit-19, with a total of 9,496 confirmed cases since the onset of the epidemic, and 72 deaths associated with the disease, according to the most recent data from the Regional Directorate of Health in Madras.