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Govt-19: United Kingdom intensifies tests on diversity in London

Govt-19: United Kingdom intensifies tests on diversity in London

The British government says 30 deaths have been reported in the UK in the last 24 hours, extending a pilot operation to more neighborhoods to control the spread of more cases with the variation found in South Africa.

Since last Wednesday, the cases of 56 people known as variant B.1.351 or 501Y.V2 have been identified, prompting authorities to conduct tests on all people in some London neighborhoods.

Although vaccines are less effective in fighting the disease and are believed to prevent serious complications of the disease, the strain is considered to be more contagious than the disease currently prevailing in the United Kingdom.

As of Wednesday, 38 deaths had been reported.

From April 9 to 15, 211 deaths were reported, down 2.3% from the previous seven days, and the daily average is now 30 deaths.

The official total has risen to 127,191 confirmed deaths since the outbreak today.

In the last 24 hours, 2,672 new cases were registered, up from 2,491 the previous day, but the total number calculated from April 9 to 15 was down 6.9% compared to the previous seven days.

On Wednesday, 461,618 people were vaccinated, of whom 117,835 were vaccinated with the first dose and 343,783 with the second dose of the Covit-19 vaccine.

In total, 32,444,439 people were immunized with the first dose, of whom 8,513,864 had already received the second dose, which is administered between three and 12 weeks.