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Google Play Store will now have a privacy section dedicated to data collected by Apps - Android

Google Play Store will now have a privacy section dedicated to data collected by Apps – Android

Google is planning to implement a new section on its Play Store where app developers have to provide information about the privacy and security of their creations.

Mountain View Giant Explain what It works collaboratively with the developers to make your app store in the safest place. Thus, the new security section aims to help users understand, for example, what kind of data is being collected, used, or shared by the applications they want to install.

Developers will have to clarify whether their apps follow certain security practices, such as encryption; Whether it complies with Google’s app policies for families and children, whether users can choose not to share their data, or whether they can request that their information be deleted after uninstalling an app.

The company indicates that to implement the procedure, it will introduce a new policy that will be applied to all programmers. Developers who attempt to violate the policy by misrepresenting the data they provide are punished.

According to Google, such a change requires developers ample time to prepare. If all goes as planned, users will start seeing the security section of the Play Store starting in the first quarter of 2022. In the second quarter of that year, all apps will have to follow the company’s new policy.

Remember, Apple has already taken a similar step with regard to its digital app store. As part of the company’s actions to enhance the security and privacy of users, Captions from the App Store They intend to explain what information is being collected and for what purpose, and divide it into three sections: “data used to track it”, “data associated with you” and “data not related to you”.

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