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Google Photos fotografias ferramentas imagem

Google Photos has received more tools to edit your photos

In the past few months, Google has greatly improved its image editing interface in photos. This service is no longer a simple image repository until it becomes a complete tool with many options to offer its users.

After the complete overhaul of this part of this unique service, more news now appears. Google Photos has new tools ready to help users edit and enhance their photos.

New tools for Google Photos

In addition to being a unique online tool, through a browser, Google Photos has a Very strong presence on Android. This is the most used tool for saving and editing photos and images on the Google system.

With tools that allow you to crop or enhance your photos, they can achieve this goal quickly and intuitively. Now, to enhance the display even further, two new tools appear. Google called it likable Sharpen and Remove.

Pictures can only get better

As in the other suggestions, it all starts after pressing the "Edit" button in each image. These new options appear after selecting the "Set and disconnect" option at the end of current offers. These two newcomers were finally found.

When choosing the 'Enhance Sharpness' option, they have a bar that runs from 0 to 100 max. When this enhancement is applied, they will make every image crisper and better, as the name indicates.

Any image can win these proposals

In the case of the second suggestion, grain removal, they have the same scale in the app, from 0 to 100. This option removes grain from the bottom of each image, which is clearly not very normal when there is a maximum scale on the Google Photos app.

These new proposals reinforce what this app has already provided for Android users. Google has improved the images further and allows users to correct errors and problems with their images. Like the rest, it is simple and quick to apply.

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