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Google allows Ingenuity helicopter to fly in your browser!

After a lot of preparation NASA Make history again. As you know, the Ingenuity helicopter has managed to fly through the thin atmosphere of Mars, with more tests planned this week. Now Google never lets any world event go by without some kind of recognition, and in the same creative spirit, here’s a lovely Easter egg available.

Google allows Ingenuity helicopter to fly in your browser!

So, if you go to google and type The versatility of NASA (You can also click Here) In the search bar, you will see the usual information card containing all kinds of information about a Mars helicopter. If you click on the small image to the right of the share icon, you will see the helicopter come to life. This will get you flying in your browser.

But unlike this morning, the helicopter never landed on the ground. Instead, it just moves back and forth on the results page.


This works on both computer and smartphone and works really well.

However, Google does not stop the news. Plus, it took another one for iOS.

Have you ever played dinosaur game on Google Chrome? If your answer is no, then you are very lucky and that means that you have no problems on the Internet. It’s just that when something fails and we don’t have a connection, there is a dinosaur to help us pass the time. Now, here is this game getting more popular and going to be an iOS tool. So you can easily add it to your home screen. This game is also known as Dino-Run, Dino Game, or T-Rex Runner.

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Google Dinosaur has just arrived on iPhone gadgets

Unfortunately we cannot play with the dinosaur directly on the widget. When we click it, it takes us into the game on Chrome by opening the address chrome: // dino. Looking at the information on the widget, it doesn’t seem like it will give us the possibility that someday we will be able to play it on the iPhone home screen.


Although this is interesting, if you want to have a real experience without opening the browser, you need to install the Steve – Widget Game app. This is because you can now play directly on the widget.

It is true that this is not the most interesting game in the world. However, it will definitely keep you busy.


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