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France changes second dose of Astrazeneca for people under 55 - Coronavirus

France changes second dose of Astrazeneca for people under 55 – Coronavirus

The French Minister of Health said that people under the age of 55 who in France received the first dose of the vaccine from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca against covid-19 should receive the second dose of another vaccine.

Olivier Ferrand’s comments came before the official announcement on this issue scheduled for him today.

Veran said: “It will be confirmed today, it is completely logical,” stressing, however, that the official announcement will be issued by the French Supreme Health Authority, which will hold a press conference at 08:00 GMT (09). : 00 in Lisbon))

And HAS had stopped using this vaccine for children under the age of 55 on March 19, due to rare cases of blood clots discovered in Europe.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) acknowledged Wednesday a link between vaccine administration and rare cases of “blood clots associated with abnormal platelets”, now listed as “very rare side effects”.

However, the European regulator stressed that the benefits of using the vaccine still outweigh the risks.

At the same press conference, the EMA compared the risk of blood clots forming after taking the covid-19 vaccine from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca with taking a hormonal contraceptive such as the birth control pill.

“One example I’d like to look at is [a relação entre] Use of combined hormonal oral contraceptives and blood clots that occur after taking these contraceptives, and that are given to women who are in good health, ”said the head of the Department of Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology, Peter Arlett.

After arguing with cases of stroke discovered in those who had previously taken the AstraZeneca vaccine, several countries decided to set limits and not give AstraZeneca vaccine under certain ages, for safety reasons: 30 years in the UK, 55 years in France, Belgium and Canada, 60 years In Portugal, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, 65 years old in Sweden and Finland.

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