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Formula 1 |  Network Boycott, the Anglo-English operation in which Mercedes and F1 did not participate?

Formula 1 | Network Boycott, the Anglo-English operation in which Mercedes and F1 did not participate?

When Lewis Hamilton was asked to join the boicott this fim de semana social media network, in protest of the lack of moderation in content, F1 said it rejects this #EnoughIsEnough iniciativa, highlighting the rest of its campaigns to promote inclusion and diversity.

Lewis Hamilton said he did not understand why Formula One did not adhere to such an initiative.

The question at Mercedes is clear: Will the German team, at the forefront of diversity issues, join the boycott?

Asked at a press conference, Tutu Wolf said he had defended the F1 site. Mercedes’ commitment to sport is therefore not measurable by this disruption, and Toto Wolff says his team has no evidence of this. Particular spotlight was given to the initiative’s “British British” character: Mercedes, a global company, and F1, which is a global sport, so you don’t necessarily need to be involved.

“I think Formula 1 and Mercedes have shown their commitment to fighting racism throughout the year, not only through the #WeRaceAsOne visual initiative, but we’ve also launched several campaigns to increase diversity.”

We have invested significant resources in creating these programs and leave it to the pilots to decide if they want to participate in a UK based county. “

Combating racism with a very different tool is essential. We, Formula 1, are a global sport and it is up to everyone to decide whether they want to join this British initiative. “

At McLaren too, the pressure has been on since Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo joined the movement in his personal capacity.

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McLaren F1 Team Manager Andreas Seidel will clearly not describe this campaign as a sudden blackout, and F1 will not refuse to participate in it directly. “he moved”. Like Toto Wolf, Seidl prefers to return the ball to individuals rather than the stable.

“With what we saw last year with #WeRaceAsOne, I think Formula 1 has shown that we are very united in the way we see a lot of things.”

“Again, for me, what I don’t like is the often perseverance, question [encore et encore] How does each individual, organization, team, or pilot express themselves on these issues. “

At Red Bull, Christian Horner left Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez a choice whether or not to participate.

The team leader also indicated that this initiative was very Anglo-English, which means that F1, a global sport, does not necessarily need to be involved.

“This is clearly an initiative focused on the UK, but we do not tolerate racism in any way.”

“In line with what the commercial rights holder allows in this regard, pilots are free to take any actions it deems appropriate.”

McLaren’s Zak Brown also went in the same direction when laying out the formula: “I don’t think in this world one size fits all.” To criticize the overly “patriotic” view of this initiative.

However, Formula E, the FIA ​​World Championship, joined the initiative in question and thus did not consider it to be “too English”.