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Filming for Indiana Jones 5 begins in the UK this week

Filming for Indiana Jones 5 begins in the UK this week

After many years of waiting, the fifth film Indiana Jones Is due to go into production this week. According to the deadline, filming will begin at Pinewood Studios in the UK, and if all is planned, the feature will be screened on July 29, 2022.

Nearly 13 years have passed since the release of the fifth chapter of the George Lucas franchiseKingdom of the Crystal Skull, In 2008. All details of the production have been kept secret, but Harrison Ford has already been spotted near the studios and is expected to join other stars in the film soon: Mats Mickelson, Thomas Gretchman, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Shanet Renee Wilson.

(Image: Revelation / Paramount Pictures)

The difference between this project and the other films in the franchise is precisely the direction. Steven Spielberg has stepped down as director of the film to co-star with Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and Simon Emanuel as producer only. Award-winning composer John Williams also returns to sign the soundtrack Indiana Jones5, But the main chair of the set is overseen by James Mangold, director Ford vs Ferrari e Logan.

There is no information about the plot of the film, but some earlier rumors have even suggested space racing in the 1960s. However, this detail does not match the shooting locations near Fort Bamberg, also known as “Tin Cardi”.

Although filming locations did not reveal anything about the script, Mats Mickelson announced to Collier in May that the story was “all he wanted”. Actor Hannibal e Pressure He gave a little note about his character, “He was asked to create a character, which is why they choose some actors [para o filme]”- Is Mickelson going to play an opponent? Indiana Jones?

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(Image: Revelation / Paramount Pictures)

In this regard, Harrison Ford reported at a press conference in February last year that “I do not want to give the audience what they want to see”, but “something they did not predict”. Updates Movie Classic: “We’m not going to do another Indiana Jones unless we’ve killed him. We want it to be the best. We have some programming issues and some scripting stuff, but we’ll have to get it right before we do it.”

Otherwise, that is all that is known Indiana Jones 5 It will be the last in the iconic franchise – yet without an official name. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the series created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, all images will be available this Tuesday (8) on video-on-demand sites such as the Google Play Store, Net Now and Sky with redesigned versions from the original negative. .

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