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FIEMS began vaccinating workers against influenza in the industry in the 19th

FIEMS began vaccinating workers against influenza in the industry in the 19th

FIEMS will start vaccination against influenza – (Photo: Agência Brasil)

The Federation of Industries in the state of Mato Grosso do Sol will start next Monday (04/19) the flu vaccination campaign for workers and workers in the industrial sector in the state.

This year, approximately 53,000 doses were purchased by FIEMS. The goal is to increase the number of fortified personnel. For this, the amount of purchased doses is more than double compared to the previous campaign, where 22 thousand doses were obtained.

Flu vaccination also helps fight COVID-19

Director of SES (Safety and Health at Work) at SESI, Michael Clime, stressed that workers’ health is a major concern for FIEMS, which is why influenza vaccination is so important. “The faster the vaccination is carried out and the higher the coverage rate, the better for everyone, as we are able to limit the spread of the virus among the population, especially at this time when we are facing a pandemic caused by another virus.” It is worth noting that the flu vaccination helps speed the diagnosis of Covid-19 disease.

This is because the symptoms of the two diseases are similar, and if the suspected patient arrives at the emergency room and is vaccinated against influenza, the medical team can rule out the hypothesis of the disease and focus on diagnosing the new Corona virus, as explained by SESI SES doctor, lung disease specialist Paula Britto. “Adherence to the influenza vaccine is necessary because it helps reduce the incidence of common influenza and influenza, and thus reduce hospitalization cases, and in this epidemic moment that we are in full hospitals, vaccination against influenza is of utmost importance.”

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FIEMS includes trivalent and quadrivalent vaccines

The doses of the vaccines purchased are of the trivalent and quadrivalent type, which are immune to the influenza virus, influenza A; Influenza B, and a second strain of influenza B virus. So far, 131 companies have contacted FIEMS to schedule vaccination of their workers. It is expected to serve 200 companies across the state, through the end of the campaign, which is supposed to last for 90 days. The vaccination is done in the certified companies themselves without the need to displace the worker.

Vaccination by SUS continues in the state through July 9

The influenza vaccination campaign in Mato Grosso do Sol, developed by the Unified Health System (SUS), will be implemented between April 12 and July 9. The goal is to vaccinate 90% of the million people who make up the priority public by the end of the campaign. It is expected that the Ministry of Health will send a total of one million vaccination doses by the end of the campaign. The state Ministry of Health received the first batch of 124,000 doses of the vaccine and distributed it to municipalities on April 8th.

Vaccination takes place in three stages

The campaign will be divided into three phases, according to the state’s health department. The first phase will run from April 12 to May 10, with children, pregnant women, postpartum women (women who have given birth to children for a short time), indigenous people and indigenous people. Health workers. The second phase will be from May 11 to June 8 and will vaccinate people over the age of 60 and teachers.

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The third phase of vaccination will be from June 9 to July 9, and individuals with permanent comorbidities or disabilities will be vaccinated, truck drivers, road and port system workers, security forces, armed forces, prison staff, prisoners deprived of their freedom and youth. Persons between 12 and 21 years of age who are subject to social and educational measures.

Each municipality has the independence to develop its own action plan that respects the priority groups established by the Ministry of Health.

Campo Grande received 32,700 doses of influenza vaccine

In Campo Grande, the flu vaccination begins this Tuesday (04/13). To avoid crowding and that the masses of this campaign and the virus do not meet, exclusive calendars will be determined. According to the Municipal Health Administration, some points should remain dedicated only to applying covid vaccine and other influenza vaccines.

Also according to Sesau, the municipality has received 32,750 doses of vital immunity, which will be assigned to the first stage of the target audience. In this first stage, the vaccination is for children from six months to less than six years of age, pregnant women, postpartum and health workers.

Since two vaccination campaigns will be conducted simultaneously, the Municipal Health Department stresses the need to monitor the vaccination date. Since there are no studies showing potential reactions or inconsistencies in immunization when applying vaccines against Covid-19 and influenza together, the recommendation is to prioritize the vaccine against Covid-19, however, if the vaccination history is not in a particular audience after its arrival, but it will be able Already on receiving a dose against influenza, it is advised to wait 15 days before applying the other dose.

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