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Fernando Rocha "enters" living in "Casa Feliz" and helps his family: "a huge heart"

Fernando Rocha “enters” living in “Casa Feliz” and helps his family: “a huge heart”

Two of the guests of Casa Feliz on Wednesday, June 9, are Christina and Mario, a married couple who live entirely devoted to their five-year-old son, Roy.

The baby had complications during birth and ended up with a brain injury, forcing him to undergo ‘lifelong treatments’, in order for him to develop and not regress in his development.

The couple, in a conversation with Diana Chavez and Joao Baiao, revealed that they are able to cover the expenses of the treatment with the hats, because each ton is equivalent to 500 euros.

At some point, entrepreneurs joined the interview. Jesus Teixeira e Pedro Ruivowho volunteered to help:

“We are here with the goal of demonstrating our corporate social responsibility (…) and having a baby is the most wonderful thing in the world’,” said Jesus Teixeira, who added:

“We thought of helping, we want to give you a little help (…) We will provide 6 months of physical therapy”stated, leaving the couple overjoyed.

At that time, Fernando Rocha started the live broadcast by phone, and also decided to make his contribution: “Live on we have Fernando Rocha, who has a giant heart and also wants to talk, good morning”Joao Baiao said.

“I am here with Joao Dantas, we stand in solidarity with Roy and give my father Roy my contact information, We want to make an offer and the money from that offer will go to you in full, To help you with the expenses you have with Roy”Comedian and Actor Guaranteed.

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Watch the moment here.