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Fatma Lopez's departure from TVI: Ignoring the positions of Christina Ferrera - TV & Bastidores

Fatma Lopez’s departure from TVI: Ignoring the positions of Christina Ferrera – TV & Bastidores

In an interview with Saturday magazine, Fatma Lopez spoke about her departure from TVI and revealed the reasons that led her to make the decision to leave the TV station.

“In the past two years I have been unhappy at TVI. (…) People should be treated well and have had a degree of disregard and devaluation. If I had no self-respect, I would probably do so, but fortunately I am aware of my importance as a professional and as a person. He also said that the show “A Tarde É Sua” was a “chewing gum, an increase or decrease to cover here or there and this disrespect of the format that was designed to serve a specific audience (…) This was ignored. It was only my face.” He also referred to the cut in his 30% salary due to the “fragile financial situation of the company,” however, Fatima said, “I was supportive and agreeable, hoping that, when the company recovered, they prepared for me what was cut. The truth is that time has passed. No one has touched the subject anymore. “

When talking about the new “Conta-me” program, he said that upon concluding a new contract, the terms were announced first and only then the terms were discussed, and that “what was suggested to me was not in the terms for me I accepted and left.” She talked about “tell me”, she said on Saturday that she was injured because she was told that she would return to the project “(…) I was very happy that the project was born with me and it was my picture. I would have brought other colleagues (…) and I refused to introduce myself. Enough! “

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Regarding Christina Ferrera, she said, “I’m not going to talk about A or B, it’s not worth it, I can write down certain behaviors, that’s it.”