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Fatima Lopez's sad face is alarming - my patriot

Fatima Lopez’s sad face is alarming – my patriot

Fatima Lopez He left TVI about three months ago. Since then, the presenter has used social media to share her new life with fans. A few days ago, he commented on this new stage, and a Subliminal message about the process of moving away from the screens.

“New Baby” It is “to a person.”

Do not accept lowering arms, Who does not accept to do more or less, than Don’t accept unhappiness as a condition. “, Then wrote. Fatma Lopez released a new post that worries fans. The mournful face of the former TVI presenter raised warning signs. “Hello Fatima! I don’t like to see him as a sad person. Chubby girl. Hope all is well with you. I want to see you briefly do a program somewhere. I miss seeing her. Bravery: Soon, you’ll get what you deserve, a place where you can be happy. I wish you success. Admire. ”

There were several comments that revealed the same degree of anxiety. Hello Fatima. I don’t like that sad look at all. Where is that mesmerizing look? “, “She is frustrated. Fatima, whom I know is always happy.”“Don’t be sad”, “you look sad” and “it looks sad” are just some of the messages of strength left by the fans waiting for your return.

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