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Expect a vaccine in Londrina

Expect a vaccine in Londrina

André Cuba Flausino with his parents: “Get vaccinated, we still have restrictions, but we’ll be more relaxed,” says Adélia Flausino | Personal archive

In a recent interview with FOLHA, Municipal Health Minister Felipe Machado mentioned the possibility of starting vaccination against Covid-19 for a group of people with comorbidities in Londrina in the second week of May. According to the government’s vaccination plan, people with Down Syndrome with chronic kidney disease, pregnant women and women who have just given birth will be vaccinated regardless of age, while those with severe permanent comorbidities or disability will be vaccinated, at this first moment, they will be vaccinated. It only reaches those between 55 and 70 years 59 years old.

The prediction is given by sending a new shipment of fortifications to Parana on Monday. 391,500 doses of Coffeeshield, from the University of Oxford / AstraZeneca / Fucruz, according to CESA (state health department) will be used in people with comorbidities, pregnant. Women, postpartum and people with permanent disabilities, in addition to the elderly.


Shortly after it was announced that people with Down syndrome would be included in the priority vaccination group, APS Down (Association of Parents and Friends of Down Syndrome Patients) in Londrina began receiving numerous calls from families seeking information. “The vaccine is very important for everyone to get protection. Families are already registering and we are providing advice on the need to have a karyotype test on hand to prove the case,” says Entity Director, Idalina Marques.

And remember that many families are worried about the arrival of this moment and stress the need to remain calm and search for the correct information. “As an entity, we expect that we will soon be able to see a face-to-face return to work. In regular education, it is really difficult to work remotely, imagine special education,” he comments.

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At the home of Leonardo de Faria Ferreira, 26, anxiety about the moment of vaccination is great. Mother Marilyn says she has never ignored her son’s vaccinations with Down syndrome. She remembers, for example, that before he was immunized against pneumonia, there were 19 hospitalizations since he was born.

His health has improved a lot and this is the same effect I would expect with the Covid vaccine. As soon as I heard that he was going to be joining the vaccination group, I ran to register and now we are waiting for the big moment. This pandemic storm will pass. I know it will take some time, but it will pass.

The same expectation haunted the family of Andre Copa Flucino, 32. He’s been attending APS Down for six years and his mom tells how home routines have changed with the pandemic. “There is not much to get out that I, my husband and my sister, who lives with us, are part of the risk group as well, but we see the amount of social contact and motivation André had when attending primary health care was not there. With the vaccine, we would still have limitations,” says Adilia Flucino But we will definitely be more relaxed. ”

She adds that the feeling of comfort replaces the anxiety that many families of people with Down disease have experienced since the start of the Covid vaccination. We are not talking about people with Down syndrome and we know how vulnerable they are. It was hard to imagine that they were not among the priorities. Now, we don’t see the right time for that next moment, “he points out.

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Down syndrome: expect a vaccine in Londrina
Disclosure / down APS

Ten more deadly

A study of more than 4,000 people, published in October 2020 by the University of Oxford, UK, and published by Science, showed that Covid-19 is 10 times more deadly in people with Down syndrome.

The alert from the Brazilian Federation of Down Syndrome Societies, which provides more details about the importance of immunizing this audience on the official website. The organization says that the different changes in the immune system give these people a greater susceptibility to infection and autoimmune diseases. In addition to intellectual disability, individuals may experience changes such as obesity, hearing, heart disorders (40% to 50%), endocrine disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, and others.

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