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Exam Information |  The United Kingdom is preparing to recognize autonomous driving features on motorways

Exam Information | The United Kingdom is preparing to recognize autonomous driving features on motorways

UK drivers will soon be able to use autonomous driving features on the country’s highways, and in some circumstances, the government is now preparing to recognize it. At this point, political officials are preparing to give the green light to the function of keeping the car at an alley and safety distance, but only in situations where traffic is not intense and at a maximum speed of 60km / h.

The British Department of Transportation has confirmed its intention to recognize the use of Alx (Automatic Lane-Keeping System), which constantly monitors the speed of movement and distance to other vehicles, as a way to reduce the probability of road accidents. Of human error.

Rules approved by the United Nations allow the use of this type of activity on a highway where there are no pedestrians or cyclists, and the system can ‘return’ control to the driver within ten seconds. British Transport Minister Rachel McLean welcomes the “big step towards the safe use of autonomous driving”, recalling that “we need to make sure this new technology is implemented safely, so we seek advice to find out what regulations need to be enforced.” , Quotes Defender.

On the insurance side, companies warn that lawmakers or manufacturers “need a lot more work before any autonomous vehicle is considered safe to drive on British roads.” To avoid confusion and misuse of technology by these companies, Alx organizations are not being called autonomous drivers.

On the part of the Association of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the Government’s objective is to obtain: “Technologies such as the Alx will pave the way for greater automation in the future – and these advances will allow the UK to explore the potential for development and application of these technologies, job creation and road safety.”

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The government expects the sector to represent 42 billion and employ more than 38,000 people by 2035.