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Ex-President Rafael Correa denounces electoral fraud in Ecuador

Ex-President Rafael Correa denounces electoral fraud in Ecuador

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Ecuadorians vote Sunday (11) in the second round of the country’s presidential elections. While the votes of Andres Arause and Guillermo Lasso are being counted, former President Rafael Correa denounces alleged electoral fraud.

Yet the disputes that involved In the first round of presidential elections in Ecuador, former President Rafael Correa, on Sunday (11), denounced through a social network the existence of electoral fraud in the second round count.

He accused the polling firm Cedatos of rigging the results in favor of candidate Guillermo Lasso.

All of our colleagues are on high alert. They are preparing a fraudulent vote for CEDATOS [instituto de pesquisa de votos] to advertise [Guillermo] Lasso is the winner, and the government is calling on the media to announce it. In fact, Lasso loses around 300,000 votes. If the votes were counted well, that would be clear.

It is worth noting that the economist Andres Arouse He won the first round In the February elections, which received nearly 33% of the vote, it promised to provide generous financial aid to the population and to resume the policies of former President Rafael Correa.

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Arouz’s banking franchise, Guillermo Lasso, promised to create jobs through foreign investment and financial support for the agricultural sector. he is It reached almost 20% of the vote In the first round.

Guillermo Lasso and Andrés Arauz shine in the struggle of generations and styles that will be determined by the mandatory vote of 13.1 million Ecuadorians.

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Officials count the votes of the electorate in Ecuador.