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Eight out of 10 English adults have antibodies against Govt – Money Times

More than half of all adults in the UK have already received the second dose of the vaccine (Picture: Pixabay)

Eight out of 10 adults England Now there are antibodies Govit-19 According to data released on Wednesday, the government is moving ahead with its vaccination program.

A I rated The National Statistics Office arrives at a crucial time ahead of a possible announcement on Monday whether the final phase of the economy’s reopening will take place on June 21. This project has Suspicion Due to the highly contagious strain of the virus that was first identified in India, it is now spreading rapidly in India. UK.

The presence of antibodies means that a person has already been infected or has been vaccinated. More than half of all adults in the UK have already received a second dose of the vaccine Government data. The dose for 25 to 29 year olds in the UK has been available since this week.

The percentage of adults who tested positive for safety in the first week of May 17 rose to 82.7% in Wales. It was 80.3% in the UK, 79.9% in Northern Ireland and 72.6% in Scotland.

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“In all four UK countries, there is a clear pattern between a positive test for the vaccine and antibodies, but antibody detection alone is not an accurate measure of immunity protection provided by the vaccine,” the National Statistics Office said.