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Dual video recording arrives on Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20

Dual video recording arrives on Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20

We have already said that Samsung has stopped updating Samsung Galaxy S8, Which is a four-year-old smartphone. The Samsung He takes his update policy very seriously. Or at least more serious than competitors. This also applies to improvements that are not critical, but very useful. It happened with Samsung Galaxy S20 It’s the Note 20, Which was very successful in Portugal.

Dual video arrives on Galaxy S20 and Note 20

In the latest update to the Galaxy Note 20 and S20 phones, which includes the May 2021 security patch, the company has also introduced a new camera feature. If you remember, it is the galaxy S 21 Debut in Show directors, It allows you to record with multiple cameras at the same time. For now, this functionality remains exclusive to the S21, but it is arriving now Somewhat less versatile variant of the Galaxy S20 and Note 20.

With dual video recording, users of these two models will be able to record video simultaneously using the front camera and one of the rear cameras. Of course, in this case the user can only record with the main rear camera, and not with the wide angle or telephoto. In this video from Sammobile You can see how it works.

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Hopefully, an upcoming update brings Director View mode to the S20 and the Note 20 will arrive in its full version soon.

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