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Double expulsion.  Helder and Diogo leave Hell's Kitchen - the TV

Double expulsion. Helder and Diogo leave Hell’s Kitchen – the TV

Issuance ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Sunday 9 May was marked by times of heightened tensions and also in the presence of Lyubomir Stanisic’s mother, but the moment of the expulsion was one of the most important. Tonight, the chef decides to ditch Helder and Diogo.

The red team lost in the last service, as the contenders had to apply everything they had learned from Lyubomir’s mother. “So much mess, the service was all terrible,” the SIC program face said of that team’s performance.

When the moment came to disqualify, Helder and Candida surrendered to the chef’s judgment. “Helder, during the entire service and taking into account my mother’s opinion, I wasted food and was able to spoil the service,” said Lyubomir, finally asking the participant to take off his coat.

But the chef decided to eliminate another competitor. “Diogo, today at your service, you have proven that you are a disaster. I am not sorry for anything I have done with you so far, you lack some confidence,” said Lyubomir.

Before the final race to broadcast tonight, Ljubomir decided to change the competition and make changes to the teams. Now, the red team consists of Rafaela, Cândida and Lucas, while the blue team consists of João, Francisca and Rute.

Helder and Diogo have joined Anna Cristina, Daniela, Jennifer, Ricardo, Raul, Anna Sophia, Antonio Pedro and Raphael, and competitors have already been disqualified from “Hell’s Kitchen”, with the exception of Daniela, who had to withdraw from the competition due to health problems.