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Discord ends talks about a possible Microsoft sale [RUMOR]

Discord ends talks about a possible Microsoft sale [RUMOR]

The startup’s owners decided to bet on a public offering of shares to bring money to the platform

One of the biggest rumors of the year was officially closed on Tuesday (20): according to Wall Street JournalAnd the Discord has ended the conversations that could lead to a billion dollar acquisition of its communication device Microsoft. According to reports issued in March, the Seattle He would be interested in An investment of $ 10 billion in a system known to provide community tools related to the gaming world.

The publication states that Discord Inc. Boycotting sales negotiations in order to re-examine the possibility of making an IPO to sell their shares (Public offering). However, this does not exclude the possibility of re-entering negotiations into the table in the future – even with Microsoft.

The Wall Street Journal report states that at least three large companies were interested in acquiring the system, But that’s only the owner X-Box Advance to more advanced discussions. This meant that other competitors were not ready to make as attractive offers as the ones that seemed to be ignored at the time.

Discord has over 140 million monthly users

According to a report published TechCrunch in December 2020And the Spat recently received a $ 150 million in financingS additional at that time. With Over 140 million monthly active users, The messenger was evaluated in $ 7 billion At the end of last year, the evaluation made six months earlier weakened.

Photo: Play / Discord

With this growth in value, platform creators may be more interested in profit from opening their shares in the market rather than selling them to a specific company – for undervalued on the stock exchange. After consulting Kotaku, the two companies declined to comment publicly on the matter.

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according to the edgeAnd the Although Discord reported revenue of $ 130 million, the platform is not making a profit yet. Among the system aspects of interest to Microsoft (and other buyers) include: Organically formed societies, Who focus on great products and content creators plus small groups of friends.

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