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Dictoc UK and EU - face legal fees for collecting data from children in apps

Dictoc UK and EU – face legal fees for collecting data from children in apps

Anne Longfield, the former Commissioner for Child Protection in the UK, has filed a lawsuit against Dictok for allegedly collecting and using data from millions of children in the UK and the European Union. According to the BBC, Dictok has no right to the case and has vowed to fight it.

Prosecutors say Dictoc accesses children’s personal information, including phone numbers, videos, exact location and biometric data, without adequate warnings, transparency or legitimacy. In addition, minors and parents are unaware of what is being done with that information.

Popular use has already responded to the accusation that privacy and security for Dictoc provide priorities, strong usage policies and processes and technologies that help protect all users, especially young people. “We understand that the charges are unwarranted and we want to actively defend the action.”

The campaign was launched on behalf of all children who have used Dictoc since May 25, 2018, and anyone who does not wish to be represented can opt out of the process. Anne Longfield told the BBC she focused on dictation because, although all social networks collect data, the application has excessive data collection policies.

He says, “Dictok is a very popular social network that has helped children stay in touch with their friends during the incredibly difficult year. However, behind the fun songs, dance challenges and other trends, something very bad is hidden. ” According to the former commissioner, it was “a data collection service disguised as a social network that deliberately and successfully deceived the parents of children”.

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According to Anne Longfield, parents have a right to know what kind of private data is being collected through their “dark practices.” The law firm representing the case says it believes the data collected by Dictok indicates a major breach of UK and EU data protection law.