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Demi Lovato's album is second only to 272 copies in the UK

Demi Lovato’s album is second only to 272 copies in the UK

In one of the fiercest clashes ever seen in the history of the British march, Scottish newcomers The Snuts (Below) was able to cross Demi Lovato And stay with Week No.1. Compared to the American singer’s “Dancing with the Devil – The Art of Start Over”, “WL” topped the charts with only 272 copies.

Since 2007, when Display “Hots of the Buskers” was released, a Scottish band that did not top the charts with their first works.

You Snuts They were not the only Scots or the only introductory group to appear in the top 40. Serious “new long leg” Dry laundry, An English quartet strongly inspired by the latter part from the late 70s / early 80s, came in fourth and “half drunk under the full moon” was the sixth release Fratellis, From Glasgow, appeared at 12.

There were four more messages in the march: “Goal 2 wins” Lil DJ Won seventh, followed by two live albums of English rock icons: Brian Ferry e David Bowie. “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” Ex-Roxy Music, Also featured at 18th, “Live at the Kid Gate Club”, the singer who died in 1999, recording 20th place death in 2016. Finally, the Canadian experimental rock band “G_D’s Be at States End!” Godspeed You Black Emperor You were 29th.

The top 10 looks like this:

1 – “WL” – The Snuts (Introduction)
2 – “Dancing with the Devil – The Art of Beginning” – Demi Lovato (Introduction)
3 – “Justice” – Justin Bieber (One level dropped)
4 – “New long leg” – Dry laundry (Introduction)
5 – “Nostalgia for the Future” – Dua Lipa (Abandoned two posts)
6 – “Do not stop for 50 years” – Fleetwood Mac (Climbed five levels)
7 – “Goal 2 Success” – Lil DJ (Introduction)
8 – “Rumors” – Fleetwood Mac (Up to 13 levels)
9 – “Best Successes” – Queen (Same level)
10 – Wild West “- Central c (Dropped five posts)

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