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Crazy FIS project for Women’s World Cup Final! Unusual hours of jumping

Before the team match Women’s World Cup in Ski Jumping, Decided to cancel Series Test. As a result of unfavorable weather conditions, FIS decided to relocate the entire team. The weather conditions did not improve, so the Continental Cup match was also canceled and moved to Sunday.

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“Today’s team match has been canceled due to strong winds,” FIS Skyjumping says on Twitter. The organizers of the final tabs of the Women’s World Cup have found an alternative that does not satisfy fans from the Central European time zone. It was decided to postpone the match to Sunday morning. The first jumps are scheduled for 8:00 am local time, which is 5:00 am local time for Poland.

According to Sunday’s schedule, after the team match – 7:00 am (Polish time; 10 am in Tchaikovsky) – official training will begin, while an individual match will take place one hour after the 2020/21 Women’s World. Cup Ski jumping. A similar decision was made in connection with the canceled team match of the World Cup on the Planica flights.

Even there, with a strong, strong wind, jumpers could not compete on Mamat Mountain. FIS However, it was decided that the pending match would take place on Sunday at 9:00 am. Polish time, and the individual match starts at 10:30 am.

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In the Women’s World Cup rankings, the current leader is Sarah Daganashi, for whom Sunday’s individual competition will be crucial in the context of winning first place Marble ball. The Japanese are currently 15 points ahead of second-placed Nika Krisner.

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