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Covid-19: Dracula's Castle offers vaccinations (and a free visit to the "torture room") - News

Covid-19: Dracula’s Castle offers vaccinations (and a free visit to the “torture room”) – News

A 39-year-old engineer revealed, “I came to visit the castle with my family, and when I saw the poster, I was encouraged and accepted to receive the vaccine.”

Those who accept the vaccination in the castle receive a certificate to show their “courage and responsibility,” with the promise that they will be able to return “in the next hundred years”, as well as a free visit to the “torture room”. “

Bran Castle, located in a foggy valley in the Carpathian Mountains, is often associated with the 15th-century Roman prince, Vlad Tepes, known as “the Impaler”, although he never lived there.

The Irish author of Dracula, Bram Stoker, was inspired by Vlad and descriptions of Bran Castle when he wrote his 1897 novel, which helped create the modern genre of vampire literature.

The Romanian government launched vaccination campaigns and a 24-hour “marathon” in public places, such as the National Library in Bucharest, to immunize as many people as possible.

Beatrice Mahler, director of Marius Nasta Hospital, told France Presse (Agence France-Presse): “These centers are intended for everyone who wants vaccination without the need to set an appointment on the Internet.”

Approximately 3.6 million Romanians, out of 19 million, have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, and authorities hope it will reach five million by June.

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