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Corona virus in the Czech Republic. The new variant already exists in the country

– Czech laboratories have confirmed for the first time the detection of an infectious South African variant of the corona virus in the country, said Health Ministry spokeswoman Barbora Petrova.

Mostly, the sample with the South African variant was taken from someone in Zanzibar. Several such PCR tests have been performed on residents of the Hrotech Kralov region and southern Moravia after the trip.

Extensive genetic analysis at the National Health Influenza Reference Laboratory confirmed the South African variant. The second sample failed to be tested in the laboratory because the RNA concentration was low.

According to Health Minister John Platney, the previously confirmed British variant of the corona virus already dominates the Czech Republic and complicates the fight against the epidemic. As many as 13,657 new confirmed corona virus cases were reported on Wednesday, according to the Ministry of Health. It is lower than Tuesday, but about 2,700 more than last week. The current number of victims since the onset of the epidemic is 131,758. In total, 1 198 168 people were infected with the corona virus in the Czech Republic.

Hospitals have 6,967 COVID-19 patients, and their numbers are down slightly compared to Tuesday. The 1,432 people admitted to the hospital are in critical condition. So far 19,835 people have died from the corona virus in the Czech Republic. Wednesday’s data puts the death toll at 67, but these will be updated. 133 people died on Tuesday. On December 20, 2020, the Ministry of Health announced that less than 100 deaths had occurred in the last one day.

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