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Controversy erupted at Christina Ferrera's show and it's all because of Suzy - Nacional

Controversy erupted at Christina Ferrera’s show and it’s all because of Suzy – Nacional

The latest issue of All Together Now, Christina Ferreira’s TVI show, Sunday, caused a split. Among (many) jurors of the same thing. This was due to the performance of one of the contestants, Alice Costa, whose performance garnered the approval of 92 out of 100 jurors.

Among the eight who did not vote for singer Susie, Portugal’s representative at Eurovision in 2014, who made her decision clear: “You have a nice tone, great vocal strength, but it didn’t reach me”Before adding that he used to explain the topic as well, This resulted in several fellow jurors being asked to singSuzy took up the challenge.

However, through the artist’s social networks, It is clear that she did not do it willingly and that she did not enjoy being challenged by her colleagues in this wayAfter he shared, on his personal Instagram account, the testimonies of some of the jurors who stood with him. Philippa Azevedo, who is also a former Portuguese actress at Eurovision, indicated that it is “necessary to respect each other’s opinion”, wondering if someone asked her to sing when she did not yet get up to perform Alice, while Manel’s costume considered “a lack of respect” , Because “if someone is in the position of a jury, he has nothing to prove to anyone.”

Zé Manel’s message shared by Suzy

in addition to , Suzy also shared the opinion of singer Katia Moreira, who was very critical of the format: “Really with my mates like that … Only you can make me see this program, which has a little bit of music.” Alice Costa, who qualified for the semi-finals with Ricardo Ferreira, has refused to raise controversy In remarks to Notícias ao Minuto: “I think there is no need for this argument, we are simply presenting the music. Suzy’s opinion was that it was impossible to please everyone.

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