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Climate Change, Jobs, and Boris Johnson's Rabbits - The Economy

Climate Change, Jobs, and Boris Johnson’s Rabbits – The Economy

Boris Johnson invoked the picture when he spoke at the Climate Leadership Summit promoted by US President Joe Biden on the Internet, and promoted the idea that developed countries have a distinct role in the necessary investments in technological innovation to reduce and mitigate polluting emissions. Climate change impacts.

As the host of the upcoming COP26 Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UK wants to see ambition in developed countries to reduce emissions as it “works with everyone, from smallest to largest. Emitted to ensure commitments that keep global warming below 1.5 Degree ‘in relation to the pre-industrial era to the end of the century, as stipulated in the Paris Agreement, reached in 2015 at COP21.

“We see that there is an obligation on the developed countries to do more,” said Boris Johnson, noting that in the case of the United Kingdom, the reduction in emissions in recent years has accompanied the growth of the economy.

We have done that. And for that, we need scientists from all countries to work together to produce the technological solutions that humankind will need: carbon dioxide capture and storage, cheap hydrogen, and fly-neutral emissions, ”

To this end, “the world’s richest countries will meet and contribute more than $ 100 billion.” [anuais até 2020 para ajudar à mitigação dos efeitos das alterações climáticas] They committed themselves in 2009. “

He emphasized that besides reducing emissions, it was necessary to “deal with the disaster of habitat and biodiversity loss”.

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