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Christina Ferrera's latest bets are starting to stir up tension on TVI

Christina Ferrera’s latest bets are starting to stir up tension on TVI

Upon returning to TVI as director of novel and entertainment, Christina Ferrera went to search for some faces she trusted in SIC. However, these decisions have not achieved the desired results and some professionals have already begun to do so ‘Charge pressure’.

According to TV Guia, host Zee Lopez and Chef Robin Pacheco Pereira are two examples of the professionals who have moved to TVI and are under attack from constant criticism.

I don’t know how to handle this. For me, it is very difficult. And then, I have an addiction, which can be bad: I read everything and it hurts a lot, because I think in many comments, there are people who don’t even give us the opportunity to see us, to understand how we do it. ”Zé Lopes, who was recently hired to be one of the faces of “Somos Portugal”, admitted to TVI.

Robin Pacheco Pereira, who left SIC to join Cristina Ferrera in “Cristina ComVida”, was also devastated by criticism.

It is with great sadness that I have read some demonstrations, even hateful, directed at me, while they have no meaning at all.He said. I have not betrayed anyone, nor have I sold myself. I followed my instinct. People don’t always understand changes. ”, he added.

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