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Christina Ferrera and TVI's Mysterious Future

Christina Ferrera and TVI’s Mysterious Future

Christina Ferrera is TVI’s current director of entertainment and fiction, but things aren’t going well for her on Queluz de Baixo.

Christina Ferreira left SIC for TVI, embroiled in a lot of controversy, to take a stand in the direction of the Queluz de Baixo, but not everything is going well. Despite the great decisions the presenter makes, the audience is still far from reaching the desired values.

On March 26, the new shareholder of Media Capital Group gave a big interview with his friend Manuel Luís Goucha, in which he tried to justify the failure of his bets. On “Christina’s Day,” the presenter justified the weak audience with a futuristic scenario. “I think this scenario arrived a little early. You know I’m a little advanced …”Christina Ferrera said.

The truth is that the program was only on the air for three months, as it was released for the last time on December 16, 2020. The end of the format was dictated by poor results, which did not match expectations or expectations. The investment made, amounting to about 300,000 euros.

One of Christina’s other big bets was the talent show that aired on Sunday evenings, “All Together Now,” which was sold by presenter Basem ‘The biggest talent show on TV’After the calculations were made, however, he was not convinced again.

Right on the day of the premiere, when curiosity was bigger and could be an advantage, Cristina Ferrera began to lose until the end of the SIC “Terra Brava” TV series, and only won the final segment of the broadcast. With Ljubomir Stanisic arriving in SIC, with “Hell’s Kitchen,” the difference became even greater, putting the director far from triumphant.

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Not satisfied, Cristina Ferreira put on the air another bet she made, this time in the late afternoon, Monday through Friday, and thus returns to the antenna every day of the week. “This project is the same as the staircase project. It wasn’t on the other side, there were lines on the other side. As a matter of fact, there’s still a little bit of what I left there.”, He justified this by referring to the program he had in competition, and whose studio continues to be used.

‘Cristina ComVida’ debuted on March 29 and has yet to win, with the exception of one Friday, when she was ahead of SIC’s The Bible, but lost in the head-to-head game, and revealed she was another bet. Presenter failed. “You have a pastry shop, you make an almond cake every day. But if you don’t sell an almond cake, what do you do? You take the flour and make another cake. What’s wrong?” I have no fear of making mistakesThis was explained.

Despite the failed bets, Cristina Ferreira does not accept that it could be her fault and justifies the poor results as a result of attacking her image and attempting to “kill the character”. “If you see ten magazine covers and everywhere you have “arrogant,” “arrogant,” “greedy,” “ambitious,” what is this person’s picture?Qousha asked in the interview he had with his friend.

Although the poor results are seen as the result of an external attack on her person, the introduction also talks about what is happening within TVI’s four walls. “The good and the bad fall on me, because I am the one who signs the technical sheet, but this is a teamwork. I have really failed because of decisions that were not mine.”, It is to explain.

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“I am at a point where: I prefer to fail because I have decided, rather than because I have heard the opinion of others.”Added Director of Entertainment and Fantasy for the private channel.

If you did the first interview with Pedro Pinto on your return to TVI, Christina Ferrera He admitted that this would be the last place he would work, convinced it would give TVI the lead again, and now the conversation is different. Kosha, the presenter assumed that she might leave: “Tomorrow, will this go wrong and you are leaving? I came, I was, I did… and what will happen next? I’m going somewhere else and you know what’s going to happen? I will win“.

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