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CDU / Azores condemns 'delay' in decision to build Villas health center

CDU / Azores condemns ‘delay’ in decision to build Villas health center

“The current tragic situation in which the Vilas Health Center building itself, which lasted for more than five years, still finds a humiliating image of the way the previous regional government dealt with the health infrastructure in Vilas municipality and disrespect for all users and employees of this health center,” declares that Political power, in a statement.

According to CDU/Azores, “All this delay and delay in resolving a problem has long been identified by everyone being condemned, whether by the Socialist Party in the government, or by the PSD and CDS in the opposition,” and “they backed down. If the papers, but were done Preserving the scenario of perpetuating not solving patching with something that does not have a patch.”

The Government of the Azores, in the PSD/CDS-PP/PPM coalition, announced in May a public tender for the rehabilitation of the building of the Villas de São Jorge Health Centre, in the Azores, as published in the Journal Officical, in a budgeted intervention. at 2.4 million euros.

In a note sent to the newsrooms, the regional health department stated that “the work will have an implementation period of 540 days” and that “given the necessity for the health center to continue operating”, the work will be divided into “four different phases”.

In the same note, the Regional Secretary for Health and Sports, Clelio Meneses, noted that “the lack of the current building of the health center in Vilas, doomed to oblivion and serving its residents unsatisfactorily, determines the urgency of the redesign work.” .

“This is a great day for São Jorge and a day of special relief for the government that is moving forward with the solution that the people of Vilas and the island have long demanded,” said Clelio Meneses.

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The São Jorge Island Commission of the CDU/Azores considers, in relation to the statements of Cleo Meneses, that these “can only be taken as an outrage to the inhabitants of Vila, who were working and taking refuge in a place without favorable conditions for the time being., knowing in advance that any reinstatement Rehabilitation will not be a solution to the future of health in the municipality.”

The Communists mention “the election promises of the CDS, through the current vice president of the regional government [Artur Lima], as it ensured that if the government were to resolve, within days, the current situation in which the present building finds itself.”

“Not only has it failed, but it has become a little more than ’20 days’ in at least ‘540 days,’ which also refers to the old and recent positions of the PSD and CDS in Vilas Municipal Council to advocate building a health center from the municipality scratch, indicating The usual political hypocrisy on a regional scale,” the statement read.

The CDU’s São Jorge Island Commission has been demanding, “together with the islanders, since 2017, and will continue to advocate and demand the construction of a health center from scratch, as the only infrastructure solution for the future of the health sector for the municipality of Vilas”.