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Catarina Furtado recalls the sexual harassment she suffered and filed an appeal

Catarina Furtado recalls the sexual harassment she suffered and filed an appeal

“NIn the past few days, I have received dozens of calls from journalists to talk about sexual harassment. ”This is how Katarina Furtado begins a long wave as she recalls the situation she went through and which she first spoke about in a 2018 interview.

“In 2018, I had an interview in which I spoke for the first time about my personal condition,” he recalls.

At that time, Katarina did not hide many details and just mentioned that the situation occurred in the course of the work.

He points out that “the reasons that prompted me to speak at that time are varied. Today this issue is on the agenda more than ever before. It is not always dealt with with the required seriousness.”

“The focus is always on the victims more than on the aggressors. It is necessary to find the causes, understand how to fight them, and dialogue with all stakeholders in a constructive manner, with demands for reflection, support for legislation, information exchange, and urgent prevention”, confirming her awareness that this topic tells her Much since she was invited, as unfpa’s Goodwill Ambassador, to present her World Population Report.

Watch the video shared by RTP Face to learn more about this reason and of course about the various experiences and testimonials Catarina contacted.

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