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Carmo Caldera.  A speech in which health and the planet were not forgotten

Carmo Caldera. A speech in which health and the planet were not forgotten

Carmo Caldera, President of the Organizing Committee for the Commemoration of Portugal Day, Camis and Portuguese Communities, Director of the Surgical Service at Dr. Nelio Mendonca Hospital, began his talk at Praça da Autonomia and Avenida do Mar, Funchal, acknowledging that he “feels more comfortable with the scalpel in his hand than with the scalpel in his hand than he.” in the pulpit.

In a speech in which the need to conserve the oceans, one of the hallmarks of the June 10 commemoration, was not forgotten, the doctor stated that it was necessary to respond to “current and future climatic changes and epidemics”, recalling that “we live in times of uncertainty where everyone has a role to play in His health and the health of others.

The Covid-19 pandemic was not forgotten, and the doctor stated that “we live in turmoil that we only see horizons of now.” Carmo Caldera reminds us that we “dare” and that Portugal is celebrated when “the right thing is done”.

He considered that “the pandemic crisis has reinforced the importance of knowledge,” recalling immunologist Maria de Sousa, who died as a victim of the Covid-19 virus.

He stressed that “epidemics lead to an imbalance in societies”, but it is necessary to ensure the “management, logistics and communications” of the authorities, stressing the role of the armed forces in this crisis.

“The epidemic, as well as the victims who caused my public tribute, have suspended our lives,” he said, later emphasizing the work done by health professionals considering this to be the best of Portugal.

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“Living and working in this storm is the sweat, the endurance, the late hours of sleep and the hope that everyone respects the tremendous effort that has gone into in the meantime,” he said, asking for enthusiasm, reflection and no frustration.

Carmo Caldera also urged the government to establish health sustainability programmes. “It is the most urgent programs that lead to sustainability in the areas of health, social security and the planet,” he argued.

139 guests and 153 soldiers attended the June 10 celebrations in Madeira.