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Camarote Virtual Solidário appeared in the second edition of SPTV, by Rede Globo - Agência AIDS

Camarote Virtual Solidário appeared in the second edition of SPTV, by Rede Globo – Agência AIDS

The 18th edition of the Camarote Virtual Solidário, which takes place on Sunday (6) with the LGBT Pride Parade in São Paulo, is shown on Saturday night (5) on the second edition of SPTV, on Rede Globo. AIDS News Agency’s work aims to collect food for NGOs that receive people living with HIV/AIDS. (Watch the report here)

“If Covid has no borders, then solidarity and welcome do not happen either. I hope we can collect as many baskets as possible”, said journalist Roselli Tardelli, creator of Camarote.

The event will bring together experts and activists from 12:00 onwards to discuss 40 years of the global AIDS epidemic. Camarote also has performances by Rita Benneditto and As Baías, a virtual dance floor with DJ Tutu Moraes and lots of art. This is the first time the event has taken place online, with live broadcasts via Youtube, Facebook and TV Agência Aids. Catraca Livre and Sesc São Paulo will also broadcast the event on their official social networks.

Find out how to donate the food basket

You can donate via QR Code, just point your cell phone camera at the image and verify the code using your smartphone device. The link redirects to a specific donation page where you can choose how many baskets to donate.

You can also donate Click here.

The Virtual Solidarity Fund is a social event organized by the AIDS News Agency and supported by SESC, Senac, the pharmaceutical companies GSK ViiV Healthcare, Jansen and Gilead, DKT do Brasil, Women in E-Commerce, the Secretariat of the City of Human Rights and the Citizenship of São Paulo. We also have a partnership with the Catraca Livre website, who will be broadcasting the event with us.

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Programming the Virtual Solidarity Fund

12:00 Official Opening – Roselli and Dendry talk about the other chests

12:30 p.m. – Right to treatment by SUS – Dra Áurea Abbade, President of Gapa São Paulo and activist Nair Brito, founder of the National Movement for Positive Citizens

1:30 pm – Diversity Comics Exhibition (12 cartoons) – Joao Trevisan comments on the exhibition with Roselli

2:15 p.m. – Activity in Brazil – Viriano Tertu, from the Brazilian Interdisciplinary Association for AIDS, and Alessandra Nilo, Director of Gestos

15:15 – Rita Benedetto show

4:10 pm – Advances in AIDS treatment in Brazil – Dr. Fabio Mesquita, WHO, Dr. Maravilla and Dr. Zarifa (infection specialists)

17:10 – DJ Tutu de Moraes . show

5:50 pm – AIDS policy in Brazil – Achievements, achievements and challenges – Dr. Gerson Pereira, Director of the Department of Chronic and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Gerson Pictures)

6:15 PM – As Baías Show

6:55 PM – Closing

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Virtual Solidarity Fund

when: June 6

Between 12 and 19 hours

transmission by YoutubeAnd the Facebook social networking site e AIDS Agency websiteand Facebook Sesc São Paulo and Free Turnstile