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Butantan company started the smart insulation project;  Find out how to get involved - Journal Tribuna Taquaritinga / SP

Butantan company started the smart insulation project; Find out how to get involved – Journal Tribuna Taquaritinga / SP

The Butantan Institute, Thursday (3), started the new testing project to detect the novel coronavirus in residents of Taquaringa (SP) and Batatais (SP).

The initiative called “Smart Isolation” aims to detect individuals infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus to take more effective measures to contain its transmission.

You are The municipalities selected for the pilot project have received the tests that will be implemented in the local basic health units. Residents will receive test results through the Global Health Monitor app, which will also provide prevention tips, the address of the nearest hospitals and risk maps.

Residents diagnosed with Covid-19 by RT-qPCR should be advised on how to properly and safely maintain their isolation for all. Anyone who has been in contact with infected people who is not showing symptoms should also be tested.

The project will be monitored through the application in which each resident must register. Through the tool, it will be possible to check whether the user has symptoms of the disease, to be notified of positive cases near his address and even to monitor his exposure to the virus in relation to positive cases in the vicinity of the places to which they go.

To help combat the epidemic and local effects, each registered resident should perform a daily self-assessment and before leaving home, answering quick questions about symptoms, contact with infected individuals, prevention and transportation habits, vaccination, and distance, among other things.

The information of the participants will be anonymised, it will remain confidential and will constitute a database capable of assisting public policies and local strategies for smart isolation, avoiding large cases and the need for stricter restrictive measures in cities.

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32 homes will be withdrawn in each city. Selected homes will receive visits from local health agents where all residents, without any age limit, will be able to take a rapid antigen test.

A new home raffle will be held every 15 days for the next three months. Residents whose homes were not selected, but who are beginning to show symptoms of infection with the new coronavirus, should go to the nearest UBS to get tested.

For the study to provide debatable results, it is necessary that at least 30% of the population download the app and interact with the platform. If participation numbers reach the target, the institute will extend the study for six months; If there is no efficiency, the analysis is terminated after the first three months.

How to share:

To download the app, simply go to the Apple Store or Play Store platforms and search for Global Health Monitor. After that, it is necessary to register and fill in the application data.

To verify the correctness of the registration, it is necessary to enter a code sent to the user’s e-mail. It is necessary that the citizen inform his CPF, since only then he will be able to access the test result through the application.

If you have already been vaccinated, click on the vaccination card and fill in the fields.

The resident should do a self-assessment, every day, before leaving the house to monitor for possible infections, prevent the spread of the virus and see if they remain in isolation. If the self-assessment indicates that they have the disease and have symptoms or that they have been in contact with a suspected/positive person, the indication is that the person is looking for places where rapid tests are performed.

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