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Bruno de Carvallo says it is a day of "forgetting the differences": "Robin Amorim was exceptional" - Sporting

Bruno de Carvallo says it is a day of “forgetting the differences”: “Robin Amorim was exceptional” – Sporting

Former Sporting Club president Bruno de Carvallo says this is a day of “forgetting the differences” and celebrating the “Lions” title, leaving praise to coach Robin Amorim, who considered him “the leader of the band”.

In an opinion piece on the Bola na Rede website, a former president stated that after Sporting “service”, seeing the club succeed is more special, stating that everyone who is a champion in the “Lions” service records golden letters in history.

Bruno de Carvallo headed Lyon between 2013 and 2018, when he was removed from his position in the General Assembly. Leonin’s former boss ended up getting fired from his partner, but he made it clear that today was a day that differences were “forgotten”.

“Today is a day when we cry with joy and forget about the differences that insist not to let us be united. As much as these differences hurt us deeply, today is the time to reflect on what binds us all: the love of Sporting Club from Portugal! And wherever you go, celebrate with your head held high. Because we deserve it! Everyone! We deserve this happiness! ”He said.

Bruno de Carvallo also left many compliments on coach Robin Amorim.

“Robin Amorim was exceptional. He managed to control the dressing room because I hadn’t seen for a long time. He managed to remove all talent and pleasure from every athlete. He was a true captain of a team that almost managed to achieve perfection and stressed that this squad was absolutely amazing.” .

Sporting was crowned champion of Portuguese football for the nineteenth time today, 19 years after the last victory, by winning 1-0 at Boavista Stadium with a goal from Paulinho, 36 minutes after the 32nd game. The Spanish League trip.

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When there are two rounds until the end of the tournament, the “Lions” have 82 points, eight points behind FC Porto, the second-placed club, who won the title.