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BIG Festival 2021: German Game Wins Best Game Award; See the winners

O BIG Festival 2021, The biggest event Independent Games (Indie) From Latin America, for the winners in 17 winning categories. The list of candidates, and thus the winners, was determined by a jury composed of 53 people, from different countries.

It was the title of the big night. “Odd expedition 2“, Game From the German studio Maschinen-Mensch, who took the figurine in the category ”The best gameIt is a narrative adventure similar to A. Roguelike Set in a copy reinvented in the late nineteenth century.

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However, those who think they have never played a match are wrong Brazilians Winners, for it did! Among the winners, four were from the country, and one of them was inThe best game: Brazil That went to “Retro MachinaTo Orbit Studio. On Game Single player mode in a futuristic retro world that combines action, puzzle, and exploration.

Award “Best kids game“I went to another Brazilian,”Let’s play cookingFrom Akom Studio. Two other matches in the country were also highlighted in the awards: ‘do not disturb’Hulu Harpy Special Class-winning studioJim Jam +“It’s the Game Gravity VR‘, From Electric Monkeys studio, named Best Game With Popular Vote.

There is much more than just statues to the statues of choice. The winners of “Best Game”, “Best Game: Latin America” ​​and “Best Game: Brazil” also receive a prize of R $ 5,000, while the winners of the prize for Best Game: Popular Vote receive R $ 3,000.

In total, there will be more than $ 115,000 in services and funds for the finalists and BIG Festival winners. And if the title only competed in prizes, then no problem. Xsolla, a monetization services company Video Games, $ 500 in services will be awarded to all candidates.

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Check out all the BIG FESTIVAL 2021 winners:

  • Best Game – “Strange Journey 2” / Machine Man / Al Yamana
  • Best Game: Latin America – Per Aspera / Tlön Industries / Argentina
  • Best Game: Brazil – Retro Machina / Orbit Studio / Brazil
  • Innovation – Genesis Noir / Feral Cat Den / United States
  • Best Multiplayer Game – “Hypercharge: Unboxed” / Digital Cybercherries / Reino Unido
  • Best Mobile Game – HoloVista / Aconite Corporation / United States
  • Best Sound – Genesis Noir / Feral Cat Den / United States
  • Best XR / VR – Trickster Escape / Spare Parts Oasis / Italy
  • Best game for kids – “Let’s play cooking” / Studio ACOM / Brazil
  • The Top Big Brands Game – Cartoon Network Golf Stars / AFEX Games / Argentina
  • Best Student Game – Symphonia / ISART DIGITAL / France
  • Best Art – “Liberated” / Atomic wolf / Bologna
  • Best Story – ‘Lost Ember’ / Mooneye Studios / Almanha
  • The best way to play – Not for Broadcast / NotGames / Reino Unido
  • Huge Impact: Best Variety Game – ‘Arrog’ / Hermanos Magia and Leap Game Studios / Peru
  • Huge Impact: Best Educational Game – “Please, touch the artwork” / Studio Waterzooi / Bélgica
  • Huge Impact: Best Social Question Game – “Svoboda 1945: Liberation” / Charles James / Czech Republic
  • Best Game – Xsolla’s Choice – Figure 2: Creed Valley / Digital Bedtime Games / Dynamarca
  • Gym Jam + 2021 – “Do Not Disturb” / Hollow Harpy / Brazil
  • Best Game By Popular Rating – “Gravity” / Electric Monkeys / Brazil

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a Big Festival 2021 Ongoing from May 3 until May 9 Free and 100% online form. All festival content will be made available to the public, with the exception of business roundtables targeting international and national developers, buyers, publishers and investors.

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