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"Big Brother": Do you remember controversial competitors?  See how they are now!

“Big Brother”: Do you remember controversial competitors? See how they are now!

SELFIE shows you how, today, some of the most controversial competitors are in older versions of “Big Brother”.

One Reality show That remains in history must rely on a key ingredient: controversy. And for 21 years, it was home.Older brotherThe contestants received opinions among the spectators, the character, and the actions in the game.

In the first edition, the Portuguese were able to attend a population marked by controversy, and far beyond the famous Marco Borges. It was the case of Sonya, who is still remembered today for the uncomplicated way she talked about sex – it was the former competitor who said the well-known phrase: “I talk about sex as I talk about yogurt.”

Mário was another competitor whose performance did not always please the onlookers, despite being an important colleague by the other House members. In fact, the first time it was set, the North North ended up leaving the nation’s most watched home, just weeks after the final. When Mario arrived Teresa GilhermeThe presenter told him that the Portuguese abroad saw him as lazy and even believer.

Laziness was a deadly sin that also lived in Big Brother 2’s house. Sophia Guerra, a competitor in that edition, was criticized for being the most lazy and for always eating. Plus, at that time, a young model had to talk about ending her relationship with her boyfriend in the confession hall abroad Pedro.

The same thing happened with Veronica, who allowed her passion to speak louder and ended a relationship outside “Big Brother” to form a couple with Sergio. The audience disagreed with this position and Veronica was eventually expelled from the show, a week before marrying the “soulmate”, next to the house.

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Copying with celebrities also hasn’t escaped some controversy. Nuno Homem de Sá, from “Big Brother Famous 1,” and Tino de Rans, Zezé Camarinha and Joka, from “Big Brother VIP,” have starred in several discussions inside the house and have been the subject of discussion outside.

Watch, in the photo gallery, how some of Big Brother’s most controversial competitors are now.