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Bianca Belair is the Women's Nova SmackDown Champion

Bianca Belair is the Women’s Nova SmackDown Champion

No The main event Give First night of WWE WrestleMania 37, Held this Saturday, then we had Smackdown Women’s championship tournament match Sasha Banks And the winner in the ladies Royal Rumble This year, Bianca Belair.

WWE WrestleMania 37 is broadcasting on the WWE Network. Subscribe here!

The battle began with the heroine who used her experience and creativity to gain an advantage, but Bianca Belair’s strength has always been an important factor in the fighting path, including getting Dive Sasha Banks and her back in the ring.

“The Boss” began to turn to some matreirice to gain an advantage, but even that was not enough and the “EST of WWE” was always determined to let go WrestleMania 37th with the SmackDown Women’s Championship, always showing strength, but also athletics.

The application of Bianca Belair A. Shooting star stands Then Prof. 450 SplashWhich Sasha Banks avoided with her knees. Then we had a double PowerbumpThat was not enough, and prof Facebuster From the hero. The battle was very balanced and the chances of victory were consecutive for both sides.

The champ almost made the candidate give up with Bank account statementBut Bianca Belair came to the ropes. The SmackDown Women’s Champion grew frustrated and started making some mistakes, and failed Meteora. However, WWE EST also did not guarantee a win with the 450 Splash.

Sasha Banks later tried to grab Bianca Beller’s braid, but responded with a strong “whip” in the abdomen and then The blade Who gave you victory. Bianca Bellaire is the new SmackDown Women’s Champion!

What do you think of the SmackDown Women’s Championship match? Did you expect WWE EST to win?

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