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Before and after: April 25, 1974 photos in contrast to Lisbon 2021

Before and after: April 25, 1974 photos in contrast to Lisbon 2021

NiT is publishing an exhibition by Daniel Louro, who has already done this kind of work with The World Is a Set project.

Daniel Lauro composes this montage with old pictures.

The revolution of April 25, 1974 occurred 47 years ago – and there is still a year before democracy comes on par with the period of dictatorship. As last year, the celebrations in 2021 may not be as big as usual due to the pandemic. Still, there are several methods of determining the date.

For example, RTP1 will have a special program for Sunday. From 4:45 pm you can watch the movie “Capitães de Abril”. At 7 pm, Sergio Godinho will play at São Bento Palace, in Lisbon, in a show that will also be broadcast by the public station.

Promoted by the municipality and EGEAC, the Abril em Lisboa program includes a private concert by Manuel João Vieira on the Capitol Building, starting at 11 a.m. The program “Nostalgia e Utopia” will be attended by many guests who will take “revolutionary songs” and “intrusive songs”.

It will be possible to follow everything from the social networks of the Lisbon City Council and EGEAC. But you will also be able to view the show in person. Entrance is free, but seats are limited. To participate, you’ll have to buy a little tickets on Avenida da Liberdade, in Cinema São Jorge.

The Gobi Museum – Resistência e Liberdade receives a guided visit to the museum’s permanent exhibition and a concert with musician Rogério Charraz and composer João Monge from Zeca Afonso’s album “Cantigas do Maio”.

Among many other initiatives, NiT marks April 25 with photography by Daniel Lauro. The videographer is responsible for the project The World is a Set, which we highlighted in a Article two years ago.

Daniel Lauro travels the world filming the places where many famous films are located Was registered. In addition to photographing them, he composes a montage with frames for these films – creating visual overlays. It was exactly the same that he did now on the occasion of April 25th.

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The 37-year-old Portuguese man traveled around Lisbon where some of the most iconic photos of the revolution were taken. In the montage it is possible to see how, in 47 years, some elements of the city have not changed much – but there are also places that have been radically altered.

There is a well-known picture circulating on the Internet showing a picture of Adolf Hitler talking on a balcony with the same balcony behind it, at the moment, with a gay pride flag raised there. It’s a very strong juxtaposition. I had this idea about a month ago. It was April 25th. / April is coming soon, and because it was a national historical event that took place on the streets, it seemed appropriate, ”says Daniel Lauro.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to chat with actress Maria de Medeiros about the movie she also directed, “Capitães de Abril,” where she explained that she was eager to recreate some of the situations as they appear in some of the pictures. The vast majority of the photos I took on this tour were in Lisbon, a decisive role in the memory of the Carnation Revolution that we have today. ” Daniel Lauro is also the author of the Film Podcast VHS, Who does with Paolo Fajardo, and started the conversation with Maria de Medeiros specifically on Sunday.

“Lisbon is now a cleaner and more orderly city, so I was hoping to find more contrast between what was and what is today. Most places were easy to find, as many of them are well known, almost nothing has changed (Praça do Comércio, for example). Example). In other cases, I had to look for documented paths that tanks and crowds had traveled between Rua de Arsenal and Largo do Carmo, the center of events. In general, I was surprised by the preservation of the facades of the buildings in the historic district, ”he adds.

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Click on Gallery to see some of the photos captured (and compiled) by Daniel Louro. You can see more examples at page From Instagram for The World is a Set project.