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Ball - Rui Jorge has admitted ownership of Thiago Thomas (U21)

Ball – Rui Jorge has admitted ownership of Thiago Thomas (U21)

Portugal is preparing for its European semi-final match against Spain, with Rui Jorge ensuring that the team appreciates where it has gone, and that playing every two days there may be changes to the eleven.

“Daniel Braganza left because he suffered a light touch with Italy, I have to see how he recovers but at first there will be no problem and until tomorrow we will decide who will play. Thiago Thomas’ title is possible, attacking in depth is one of his good characteristics, let’s see”, he said.

Dani Motta was in witness against Italy with two goals and Rui Jorge evaluated his role in the Under-21 team. The coach was asked if this competition could allow the player, who plays at Monza d’Italia, to look forward to higher travels.

“I don’t know, I’m not the one who has to do this assessment. I am evaluating Danny for bringing him into this group. It doesn’t really matter where the players come from, but what they do when they get here. He is here to represent our team, at a high level, flaunt a high level and come in From different sides, they converge into a team that they have to prove themselves in. I agree that it has developed and from the beginning it has shown quality,” he said.

“We have done a lot against Italy at this point in the season, but we are recovering. And in a good mood. Spain are taking a lot of risks, they have very good numbers, and obviously we will have difficulties. Both teams will be exhausted, but they will also be motivated”, he said.

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