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Ball - Jorge Jesus leaves a guarantee on Everton (Benfica)

Ball – Jorge Jesus leaves a guarantee on Everton (Benfica)

One of Benfica’s biggest signings, Everton fell short of Benfica’s expectations. Jorge Jesus assumed that the Brazilian winger was in trouble, but confirmed his confidence in the player.

“I believe in Everton today as much as I do the day I asked the president to appoint him. I know he is not yet at the levels he can reach, but it is imperative to consider the adjustment time for Portuguese football. Our football, tactically, is more detailed than it was in Brazil, is another dynamic. The Portuguese coaches are better tactically, so we have a better way to control opponents. In Brazil, it is the talent of the players that solves it. That is why he, Pedrinho and any Brazilian striker face difficulties in Europe, because the teams are stronger in defense and this makes individual actions more difficult. Now, I think for this year, Everton will be what I met in Brazil. ”Shot him.

The Benfica coach has also been asked to comment on the future of André Almeida, Jardel and Samares, who are three important players from the red team who, due to injury, have spent a large part of the season out of Jesus’ options.

“Of those three, two have a contract. Gardel is the only one to finish. Therefore, this question of the future poses only one. Now, there are players who may not be much of a beginner during the season, but who are very important to the team. And these three are important for team balance, in what I think is group leadership. But we did not talk about this future with any of the three, ”he explained.

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Finally, Jorge Jesus was asked how many yellow Otamendi had seen.

“He is a player who competes in moves with his opponents by force of the game, which is normal, as any defense should do. If it is tomorrow [segunda-feira] Not playing is not because he is in danger. She was getting better with the championship, too. The fact that he is the player with the most yellow cards has a lot to do with the characteristics of each defense. Jean Vertonghen may be the one with the least, because he is a player who misses him so little. He concluded that some tend to be more yellow in color than others. This is the case with Niko.